Sound Effect Maker

Sound Effect Maker 1.2

Adds sound effects to audio files
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Change up audio files by adding effects like chorus, distortion, echo, gargle, reverb, flange or compressor. Use the parametric equalizer to fine-tune the result.

Sound Effect Maker is a tool used for applying different sound effects for sound files. The tool supports sound effects like chorus, compression, distortion, echo, flange etc. These features can be adjusted as per user preference. The tool provides a lot of features like gain, attack, release and pre-delay which have minimum and maximum limits and can be adjusted based on one’s preference. One can record the sound effects either in sine, square or triangle waveforms. The tool also provides the Phase measured from -180 to 180 degrees. These features of this tool are worth mentioning.

The output settings of Sound Effect Maker allow users to adjust the volume of a recording and the path of file recording. These features are simple to use and easy to understand. One can loop any sound by checking the corresponding option. This comes in handy, as one does not have to use other software to perform the same task. The tool works on all Windows platforms with a minimum DirectX version of 9.0. The tool has a simple Windows-like view and is sure a competitor in the market.

Manoj Goel
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  • Occupies little disk space
  • Works on most Windows platforms
  • Supports different input sources
  • Easy to use


  • Supports only certain file types
  • The license cost is slightly on the higher side
  • Limited features
  • Minimum DirectX version 9.0 required
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